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Convert Reddit Traffic Into Customers

Stop wasting time on manual searches. KeyMentions tracks your brand and keywords and notifies you at the exact moment a relevant discussion is taking place.


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Go Viral From the Get-Go!

The real action happens in real time and inside Reddit! 

Simply input keywords that may be used in posts and discussions related to your business offering and start receiving alerts.

Set Your Target Keywords

Set your preferred keywords in seconds and monitor everything from Reddit brand mentions to competitors.

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Filter Based on Amount of Traffic

You want to be where traffic is, so set strategic email alerts for your top keywords. Once they have reached X upvotes/comments (you decide), KeyMentions will send you an alert.

Filter Keymentions

Receive Notifications Immediately

Kiss goodbye to outdated threads! With KeyMentions, you receive instant notifications that let you know when your brand and keywords are being discussed—even if it was just 30 minutes ago.

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Promote Your Brand Infront of Your Audience

Get ready and start promoting your business as the best solution and start receiving traffic instantly.

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The #1 Reddit Tool For Reddit Marketers

KeyMentions puts you in control of your Reddit marketing, it’s a tool for everyone seeking to engage in threads with live traffic.

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Get Instant Results

Start receiving notifications and engage immediately, start see your traffic skyrocket.

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Monitor Brands

Every time you or one of your competitors gets mentioned on Reddit, KeyMentions lets you know.

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Customizable Alerts

You decide when and why you get notified with customizable alerts based on upvotes/comments.

Act Fast

With instant email alerts, KeyMentions puts you at the center of viral discussions while they're happening.

Filter Active Traffic

Stop wasting time with old threads you've found on Google by filtering through the type of traffic that matters most - active traffic.

Reddit Time-Traveling

Stop living in the past and get ahead of the competition by participating in hot threads with future viral potential.

Start Captializing on Reddit

Reddit has an estimated 1.2B monthly visitors, so do you really want to continue to ignore it? It’s time to start capitalizing on Reddit with effective marketing that hits the right threads and demographics.

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Don’t take our word for it

"We struggled to find the right talent globally, but with their automated candidate ranking, we quickly identified top-notch candidates who perfectly fit our requirements."
John Smith, HR Manager at ABC Tech Solutions.
As a fast-growing startup, we needed an efficient way to find skilled professionals from various regions. This AI tool exceeded our expectations."
John Smith, HR Manager at ABC Tech Solutions.
"The platform's emphasis on diversity and inclusion impressed me, helping us create a more inclusive workforce."
Michael Chen, HR Director at Acme Enterprises.

People often ask...

Why are my Reddit marketing efforts not working?

You’re probably targeting outdated threads that show up on Google. The real action happens in hot threads that are too recent to appear on Google searches.

Does KeyMentions support other platforms?

We currently don’t support any other platforms than Reddit but are currently working on implementing Twitter.

How do KeyMentions' email alerts work?

Set a keyword, filter posts created in the last X hours, and set an expiry date for the alert. You will be notified every time the keyword is mentioned until the date of expiry.

How can I identify hot thread using KeyMentions?

Set a minimum number of upvotes/comments. This way, the non-relevant threads that are using your keyword will be filtered out.

Is Reddit a good place for promoting my brand?

For sure! With 1.2B hits daily and more than 138K niche communities, Reddit has a lot of untapped potential for marketers and is one of the best websites in the world to promote your brand.

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Change Your Reddit Game With KeyMentions

KeyMentions’ keyword monitoring and instant alerts finally allow you to get control of your Reddit marketing efforts.

It’s time to change the game for good and start making the most of Reddit’s 260 million active users.