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How To Sell On Reddit in 2024 with KeyMentions

Reddit is known as “the front page of the Internet,” but many modern-day marketers still snub it. Why? There’s a generalized notion that Reddit isn’t as good for selling products as some of its main competitors, including Google and the most popular social media websites.

This notion, however, is misleading: Reddit is an amazing marketing tool with more than five billion monthly hits, a huge reputation on the best search engines, and a plethora of opportunities for reaching out to new audiences. So, what’s the problem?

The problem is that, whereas there’s a playbook for promoting on Google or Facebook, Reddit marketing continues, for the most part, to be overlooked. Most people believe selling on Reddit is either too hard or downright impossible.

In this guide on how to sell on Reddit, we aim to prove all Reddit skeptics wrong by showing you how you can effectively promote your business on the front page of the Internet, be it via organic or paid methods. So, are you ready to get your Reddit game on?

How To Improve Your Reddit Game With KeyMentions:

  1. Incorporate KeyMentions into your Reddit strategy to stay informed about active discussions concerning your business.
  2. Inform KeyMentions of when you want to be notified—it can be, for example, when a relevant Reddit Post hits more than 10 upvotes in the last hour.
  3. Stop wasting time browsing Reddit. All you have to do is wait for KeyMentions’ notifications to get your timing right every single time!

First Things First: Why Sell On Reddit And Not Other Websites?

Reddit is huge, and that alone should be enough to convince all marketers to sell on it. But Reddit is much more than just a popular website, boasting many traits that should be taken into consideration by online sellers. After all, you can use Reddit for:

  1. Tapping into specific audiences: If there’s a niche—no matter how weird—then you can find it on Reddit. From the eerie memes of r/Ooer to a page dedicated to making Furbies longer, Subreddits come in all shapes and forms. Marketers can leverage these highly specific niche topics to promote their products to clean-cut niche sectors.
  2. Promoting organically: Reddit is a trustworthy website that people use to search for everything from how to pay their taxes to what’s the best vacuum cleaner. They do so because they believe they’re engaging with other flesh-and-bone users with an honest, unbiased opinion. While Reddit’s obsession with authenticity doesn’t always help marketers (as we’ll see soon), it’s an essential part of what makes so many people worldwide turn to Reddit whenever they’re looking for new products.
  3. Reputation on search engines: Google processes 40,000 search queries per second, and Reddit pages show in virtually all of them. The “front page of the Internet” is very well-liked on the best search engines, and that contributes to making it such a powerful marketing platform. In other words, getting your products on a nice Subreddit may well be the cheapest, easiest way to rank on Google’s number one results page.

Now that you know why it’s important to get your business on Reddit, it’s time to learn how to actually sell and promote your products on the page.

The Challenges of Selling on Reddit in 2024

There are two distinctive roads to find success on Reddit: organic and paid marketing. Organic marketing is harder, but cheaper, while paid marketing can get you better and quicker results but requires investing more than just time.

Selling on Reddit is challenging because Redditors have the power to influence the Karma of other users. So, if your latest Reddit comment sounds like an obvious and shameless promotion of your business, Redditors will downgrade your Karma by downvoting the post.

In a nutshell, Reddit Karma is the difference between a user’s upvotes (good) and downvotes (bad). When Reddit users have good Karma, their posts will be more easily seen by other users. But when they have bad Karma, they may end up getting banned from the website.

Karma is the main reason why selling on Reddit is so challenging. But, on the other hand, it’s also a big part of why Reddit is such a great place for connecting with your target audience. So, how do you raise your odds of finding success on the Internet’s front page?

How To Sell On Reddit Organically

Selling on Reddit organically is the process of promoting your business on Reddit without paying for ads. Here’s how to do it right:

Get Good Karma

In Hinduism, Karma is the “universal Hindu law of cause and effect which holds a person responsible for his or her actions and effects.” In Reddit, Karma works essentially the same way, with bad Karma seriously limiting your marketing efforts.

So, the first step for selling on Reddit organically is to take good care of your Karma. A good rule of thumb is to make around nine real comments for each marketing comment, gathering enough upvotes to balance out eventual downvotes.

Having good Reddit Karma empowers your account with the ability to make noticeable posts and comments and ensure your target audience is listening to what you’re saying.

Find (or Create) Suitable Subreddits

As previously stated, Reddit is a haven for niche marketers, with Subreddits covering virtually every discussion topic ever invented by humanity. Therefore, finding suitable Subreddits is an essential step for selling organically on the website.

To find suitable Subreddits, consider the specific needs of your products or services and thoroughly browse Reddit until you stumble upon that gold nugget of a thread. And in case you don’t, then you just have to create your own Subreddit!

Imagine, for example, that you sell cybersecurity products. In that case, you can promote your products organically in Subreddits concerning general informatics, questions about computers, phishing attacks, and everything in between.

After creating your Subreddit, don’t forget to make it count! Using backlinks directing to the Subreddit, for example, is one of the best methods for increasing its reachability and search-engine authority.

Time Your Posts Perfectly With KeyMentions

Timing is essential in all types of promotion efforts, and it also applies to the delicate art of selling organically on Reddit. According to multiple sources (including, of course, Reddit!), 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. EST is the best time to post on the website because it’s when Redditors are the most active.

However, different timings apply to different Subreddits, and that’s when KeyMentions comes in handy. KeyMentions notifies you whenever a certain thread reaches certain metrics (upvotes, number of comments, and so forth), helping you to get your Reddit timing right every single time.

With KeyMentions, you don’t have to monitor your comments and Subreddits constantly. Instead, you can simply wait for notifications to pop up and act accordingly, saving time and maximizing your marketing efforts.

Speak Reddit’s Language

If you want to get the attention of a group of people, you need to adapt. While incredibly diverse as a group, Redditors have a certain way of communicating and doing things, and marketers who adapt to it are better suited for selling their products on the website.

How does one speak Reddit’s language? For one, you don’t want to get too serious and technical unless requested to do so. In addition, you should try to play into the main tropes that make up the Reddit biosphere.

For example: Redditors adore memes, so they will probably pay extra attention to meme-based Subreddits and comments. So, to successfully sell organically on Reddit, you need to understand Reddit’s way of doing things and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

How To Sell On Reddit Using Reddit Marketing

Organic marketing can get you far, but it has its fair share of limitations. Reddit marketing (i.e., paid marketing on Reddit) is the pricier alternative, but it’s also the best promotion method for getting actual results on the platform.

So, without further ado, here’s what you need to do to sell on Reddit using Reddit marketing:

Leverage Reddit Marketing Tools

If you want to effectively sell your products and services on Reddit, you may need some extra help. Reddit marketing tools come in many shapes and forms, but they can be the right-hand man you so desperately need for your digital marketing strategy.

Once more, KeyMentions can have an important role by helping marketers monitor their Subreddits and comments easily, knowing always when it’s the crucial time to take action. But there are many more resources to explore out there.

Some Reddit marketing services even allow you to buy upvotes or—even better—certified Reddit profiles that already have good Karma. These services aren’t free, but they’re worth the money, so don’t forget to give them a chance.

Buy Reddit Ads

Buying ads is not the most imaginative tactic for selling products online, but it works. Reddit Ads may not be as big of a priority as Google Ads for most marketers, but, in many ways, they’re actually better! Here’s why:

  1. Reddit Ads are cheaper than most alternatives, including social media ads.
  2. They’re available in various formats, allowing for great promotion flexibility.
  3. They can be tailored to target specific niches, showing up only in the most relevant Subreddits.
  4. They will be seen, as Reddit has a massive user base with a high level of engagement.

But is buying Reddit Ads really worth it? Considering Reddit Ads can generate over 400 clicks at less than $2.45 cost-per-click (CPC), we believe it’s more than justified to allocate a good chunk of your marketing budget to buy Reddit Ads.

To create ads with an even bigger impact, consider Reddit Takeover. This is a premium solution for marketers that includes an ad package and valuable front-page appearances for an entire 24-hour period.

The Bottom Line

Reddit isn’t as sale-centric as most of the alternatives, but that’s part of what makes it such a fertile ground for promoting your business. While selling on Reddit comes with challenges, it also has a huge payoff, especially if you’re into organic digital marketing.

Whether you’re using non-paid posts or buying pricey ad packages, one thing’s for sure: Reddit success comes with understanding the unique nature of Reddit and the vibrant, heterogeneous community that makes up the website’s fabric.

Going from zero to hero in Reddit doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s much easier if you understand how Reddit works, create engaging niche-based posts, and leverage useful external tools such as KeyMentions to stay ahead of the competition. Just put in the work, and you will be rewarded!

How To Sell On Reddit in 2024 (FAQ)

Is selling on Reddit a good idea?

Whereas it may be hard to sell on Reddit, the website’s huge user base, niche-targeting mechanisms, and reputation for being a close-knit, authentic online community offer countless opportunities to marketers.

Can I sell on Reddit without spending money?

Organic Reddit marketing can be a hassle, but it works. To do so, take good care of your Reddit Karma, identify pertinent Subreddits, and promote your own Subreddits using backlinks and other digital marketing methods.

Can I buy ads on Reddit?

For sure! Reddit even allows you to buy ads tailored to highly specific audiences, focusing on niche Subreddits relating to your products and services.

Are Reddit ads expensive?

They cost money, but they’re generally cheaper than most alternatives, including Google Ads and social media ads. The CPC usually sits under $2.45, which is pretty good!

What’s the best way of monitoring my Subreddits?

KeyMentions is the best tool for monitoring your Subreddits because it notifies you whenever a certain thread hits the right amount of comments or upvotes. All you need to do is wait for the notification and then take action.